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Experience Unmatched Realism with Our Sex Dolls


Our sex dolls are meticulously designed with ultra-realistic features, including soft and supple skin texture, realistic body parts, and customizable facial features that mimic human expressions. Made from high-quality materials, our sex dolls are durable and offer a realistic experience that is hard to match. With lifelike body proportions, our sex dolls are perfect for fulfilling your wildest fantasies.

How to choose a doll?

Firstly, choose your favorite sex doll, we have more than 2,000 models, and there is always something you like. Then customize the sex doll look and function. If you are not satisfied with the body of the doll, we can customize other bodies for you. If you want more exciting sex, then jelly breasts, moaning, sucking vaginal, electric hip and heating can satisfy your fantasies.
Choose TPE or Silicone? If money is not your concern, silicone sex dolls are your first choice, because silicone has no disadvantages compared to TPE sex dolls. Silicone is more realistic, more durable, stain resistant, heat resistant and completely odorless. If this is your first doll, then I suggest you buy TPE sex dolls, which are the most cost-effective.

What brand of doll should I choose?

Firstly, don't care about the brand, just select your favorite love doll. Before cooperating with a brand, our CEO will visit the factory in person to check the material, workmanship, makeup, and packaging of the product. We will only cooperate with these brands if they meet our requirements. So at First Love Doll, you don't have to worry about buying fake or low quality products.
WM Doll, Irontech doll are the most realistic TPE sex dolls, they all do the best on product details. WM doll has better cowgirl dolls and Irontech has better BBW sex dolls; AF, 6YE, and Aibei are all established doll brands, but they have a good reputation in China. They are not well known in the US, so we can get them at a good price; JX doll is the most oriental silicone head Asian sex doll. It is a very cost-effective silicone doll; First Love Doll can best satisfy all your fantasies about first love. Electric hip dolls, and sucking dolls are difficult for other brands to do!

What Is Sex Doll?

A sex doll is an adult toy designed to facilitate sexual satisfaction, also known as a love doll or adult doll. Life-sized sex dolls consist of a head and body and are equipped with stimulating accessories such as artificial vaginas/penises, anuses, and mouths.

In the 21st century, as a doll owner, there's a natural inclination to establish a connection with them. Owners seek a companion for long-term companionship. Sex dolls provide a more realistic and intimate experience, akin to our ideal partners in dreams. This is why many real-life sex dolls bear similarities to well-known celebrities or fashion models.

Breasts & Butt
Sex dolls feature exceptionally soft breasts and buttocks, along with realistic skin texture. The softness is often customizable to different levels, achieving a lifelike effect.
Oral Sex
Each TPE material doll comes with insertable channels. For realistic teeth and tongue, a silicone head with ROS silicone material is required.
Anus & Vagina
The vagina can be customized with different colors and channel types. The vagina and anus are separate channels. They are non-toxic and harmless and can be used with confidence.
Body Parts
The body parts are exactly the same as the real human body, with jointed fingers that can change positions and poses


Are sex dolls legal?

Yes, sex dolls are entirely legal in most countries. However, it's important to check your local laws to ensure that the possession and use of sex dolls are not prohibited.

Are sex dolls safe to use?

Sex dolls are safe to use as long as they are cleaned and maintained properly. Users should use a water-based lubricant to avoid damaging the doll's material and always clean the doll thoroughly after use.

Are sex dolls expensive?

The cost of a sex doll varies depending on the material used, design, and brand. However, sex dolls can be quite expensive, with prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Can I cancel my order after it has been placed?

We have a cancellation policy in place, but please note that there may be fees or restrictions associated with canceling an order. Please refer to our website for details.